Free Spirit Crystals Classes and Events
Releasing Cellular Memory with Stones
With Diane Bloom
Thursday, June 22nd
6:30pm - 9:00pm
Fee: $50.00 per class
Limited to 10 participants

Our body has 50 billion cells and it has been proven through the science of epigenetics that the membrane of each cell holds onto memories of the past. In order to move forward with our lives and become our true selves, it is imperative that we release the trauma and belief systems that attach to the cells.

In this class, you will learn how to use a layout specifically designed to release cellular memory and assist others with a healing technique for this purpose. Plus, we'll discuss a list of stones that can be used for memory release.

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Developing Consciousness Certificate Program
Energy Work, Healing Arts Training & Personal Growth Series

NEW class starts February 2017

Release * Uplift * Transform

Who Is This Course For?
  • Individuals who are developing or enrich a professional healing practices
  • Healing/medical professionals
  • Those feeling stuck in unhealthy or ineffective life patterns or trapped in indecision
  • Anyone seeking to change their life story and wanting to shift into something life giving
  • Business professionals
  • Those with a passion for life
  • YOU!
What to expect?
Classes are held in a friendly environment over weekend sessions. The curriculum encourages students to identify emotional and behavioral patterns that inhibit their growth. The classes focus on developing self-awareness, building a foundation based in mind, body, and spirit wellness, learning to become compassionate with yourself, and recognizing and releasing life patterns that hold you back. Your experience will include learning a variety of healing techniques, the intricacies of bioenergetics and energy holding patterns, and the use of crystals in healing. These classes are personally transforming and the effect is far-reaching through your own healing practice and into your daily life.

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Free Sprit School - Where Shift Happens!
Sound Healing Sessions
With Kathryn Rambo
Tuesdays, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th and December 12th | 12:15 to 1:00, 1:15 to 2:00, 2:15 to 3:00, 3:15 to 4:00, 4:15 to 5:00
Fee: $35.00

Kathryn is offering 45 minute sound and healing sessions with the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Sound healing is the intentional and conscious application of sound (Tibetan Singing Bowls) to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energy bodies (aura and chakras). Sound Healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational, audible sound to allow the body to do what it is designed to do - repair itself. Tibetan Bowl Sound and Healing sessions are non-invasive and essentially like giving a sound bath to the body. When the Singing bowls are played, a powerful rhythmic vibration resonates throughout the entire body. The sound of these harmonic vibrations stimulates the alpha and theta brain waves associated with deep peaceful states which are highly conducive to healing. They also slow down the heart and respiratory rate, creating a therapeutic effect upon mind and body. When the brain waves and body are synchronized, balance can be restored and stress reduced. The Singing Bowls create a deep sense of peace, well-being and, as a result, foster better state wellness.

To sign up for a session, contact Kathryn at

Classes will be held at: Free Spirit Crystals 4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007 262-790-0748
Tibetan Bowl Sound Attunement & Meditation Concert
With Kathryn Rambo
Tuesday nights, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th and December 12th | 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Fee: $10.00

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries in meditation, spiritual practices and to accelerate the body's healing process. The bowls generate multiple tones, not just one. The first tone is a fundamental tone followed by multiple harmonic overtones, all of which combine to create a etheric, beautiful sound that promote left/right brain synchronization. The sound generated is a calming vibration mix of the fundamental tone and singing overtones which makes listening to singing bowls a very unique, powerful and enjoyable experience and one that promotes an opportunity to recover from stress and dis-Ease. Please bring a pillow and blanket or yoga mat if you wish to lie down during the concert.

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Classes will be held at: Free Spirit Crystals 4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007 262-790-0748
Reiki Attunement Classes
Usui Shiki Ryoho

Taught by Donna Redmer, Ruth Tozer-Castro and Tiffany Kneeland - Free Spirit School Graduates
A Japanese tradition of healing based on the flow of "Universal Life Force" energy. This promotes the alpha state and ignites the body's own natural healing mechanism. Each class includes an attunement for that level.

Reiki Level 2
Prerequisite Reiki Level 1
Sunday August 13th, 2017 | 1:00 - 4:00 pm
Fee: $100

To register and pay on-line, please go to