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Tickets are $23.18 and available through eventbrite at the link below.

Join us for an inspiring night of song with the incomparable Tret Fure. Tret has been performing for 53 years and has just released her 18th album of original music called “Lavender Moonshine”. A leader in the Women’s Music genre and one of folk music’s greatest treasures, Tret will delight you with not just her music, but with her stellar guitar playing, stories and charm.

For more information on Tret, visit her website at

Free Spirit Crystals has been serving the Southeast Wisconsin area since 1991 when Diane was given the inspiration to open a crystal business. After injuring her shoulder in a not so “soft” ball accident in July of 1990 and spending a year without finding a solution to her injury through allopathic medicine, Diane was encouraged by her friend, Patty Cauley, to seek help from a crystal healer. Believing this to be totally insane but not knowing what else to do, she took Patty’s advice and in five weeks her shoulder was healed. It was then that Diane knew she wanted to devote her life to learning as much as she could about the healing power of stones and to teach others how to use them for their own healing. (See article about Diane Bloom)

Free Spirit Crystals offers hundreds of different types of stones plus books, incense, jewelry, candles, CDs, cards, sage and oils to assist you in your own healing journey. Or, if you are a lover of mineral specimens, we have something that will whet your mineral appetite.

First time customers receive a free stone just for coming in the door. No purchase necessary!

Free Spirit Crystals vows to be a haven for those who are seeking a heart based life. We care deeply about the evolution of our/your spirit and the care of all human beings in their search for their inner truth.

It is our passion to assist others in opening their existence to the possibility of things we do not understand or cannot conceive. We believe that the power of our collective consciousness will not only promote the change we seek, but will allow everyone the opportunity to live in love and peace.

It is through using all of nature’s tools that we are given the liberty to open our minds and hearts to a life of happiness. Free Spirit Crystals is honored to be here at this time to aid those who choose this way of life.
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