We’d like to welcome you back to Free Spirit Crystals. Throughout this period of adjustment, we have been able to rearrange our store to accommodate a new flow for our customers and to insure the safety and health of you and our staff. We’ve also reorganized our shelves to make it easier for you to find your favorite stones.

We have set up 3 sanitizing stations for you to use in the store and encourage you to always think of yours and other’s safety. We also have placed microbicrobial soap in the bathroom and stress thorough hand washing. Plus, we have three ionizers working at all times to help with the flow of the air.

Of course, the safety of our customers and employees are of utmost importance and we have established some common sense guidelines for everyone to follow. We hope you understand our requirements for shopping at Free Spirit in these very challenging times.

*Only 5 people are allowed in the store at a time.

*Everyone, including children, must wear a mask.

*Everyone must sanitize their hands at our sanitizing station just inside the door.

*We ask that you do not bring children under the age of 7 into the store. While we realize this may be an inconvenience for some of you, our store is small and we only allow 5 people in at a time.

*Social distancing is required. We will have tape on the floor in 6 foot distances.

*We will be sanitizing doors knobs, baskets, countertops, pens and bathrooms several times a day.

Your Safety Is The Most Important Thing To Us!

We realize this has been a challenging time but we would like your visit to Free Spirit to be a peaceful and happy experience. In the meantime, our online store is up and running and you will be able to order online at your convenience at any time. We thank you for your patience and patronage and look forward to seeing you at Free Spirit Crystals soon.

The Free Spirit Crystals Staff

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Go to the “online shop” tab in menu bar!

Although we’re not physically open right now, you can still shop at Free Spirit Crystals! We are developing a new on-line store and have made great progress in the past three weeks.

We are continuing to add new products every day hoping to get all of our wonderful healing stones available to you. As always, we are keeping our prices very reasonable as we do know how challenging it is right now for many of you.

If you live on the northwest side of Milwaukee, I will personally deliver your order to your door! We want everyone to have the healing stones they want which we feel is very important at this time.

Please let us know what you think of our new “store”. We’re still here for you and we care.

Free Spirit Crystals has been serving the Southeast Wisconsin area since 1991 when Diane was given the inspiration to open a crystal business. After injuring her shoulder in a not so “soft” ball accident in July of 1990 and spending a year without finding a solution to her injury through allopathic medicine, Diane was encouraged by her friend, Patty Cauley, to seek help from a crystal healer. Believing this to be totally insane but not knowing what else to do, she took Patty’s advice and in five weeks her shoulder was healed. It was then that Diane knew she wanted to devote her life to learning as much as she could about the healing power of stones and to teach others how to use them for their own healing. (See article about Diane Bloom)

Free Spirit Crystals offers over 100 different types of stones plus books, incense, jewelry, candles, CDs, cards, sage and oils to assist you in your own healing journey. Or, if you are a lover of mineral specimens, we have something that will whet your mineral appetite.

Our homey, warm environment invites you to browse for hours, touching and sitting with the stones if you’d like. We welcome you to play with the Crystal Ally cards in the middle room, meditate in our “Manifestation” chair, have a cup of tea and enjoy some thought provoking conversation. We believe that Free Spirit Crystals is not simply a rock store, but also a destination that can help to shift your life. We look forward to seeing you soon and welcome you in to our loving community.

First time customers receive a free stone just for coming in the door. No purchase necessary!

Free Spirit Crystals vows to be a haven for those who are seeking a heart based life. We care deeply about the evolution of our/your spirit and the care of all human beings in their search for their inner truth.

It is our passion to assist others in opening their existence to the possibility of things we do not understand or cannot conceive. We believe that the power of our collective consciousness will not only promote the change we seek, but will allow everyone the opportunity to live in love and peace.

It is through using all of nature’s tools that we are given the liberty to open our minds and hearts to a life of happiness. Free Spirit Crystals is honored to be here at this time to aid those who choose this way of life.