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Diane Bloom
Owner of Free Spirit Crystals
Founder and Co-Director of Free Spirit School
In July of 1990 Diane Bloom decided to leave her career in food service management and go on a year long journey of self-discovery. The corporate world had siphoned the spirit from her psyche and she felt that, if she were to stay in that arena, she would literally shrivel up and die. Little did she know what was about to take place.

The very day Diane quit her job she was pitching in a softball game and was hit in the face with a line drive. She fell on her right arm, separating her shoulder and causing an injury that doctors could not diagnose. After a year of exhausting all of her options with allopathic medicine (including endless physical therapy and an operation on her shoulder), she was advised by a friend to seek out a crystal healer. Although Diane believed this to be a crazy idea, she decided to pursue the alternative method, never imagining that it would change her life forever.

During the healing sessions she would both hold crystals and have different types of stones placed upon her body. The healer led her into meditations and different stages of her childhood bringing up hidden memories and trauma. With each awareness Diane was able to discharge the emotions and negativity associated with the traumas thereby releasing the injury in her arm. In five weeks she was pain free and able to resume a normal life.

In the year that Diane spent healing her arm, something awakened in her consciousness. She began to “hear” voices in her head instructing her to read different books, meditate and spend more time alone in contemplation. Never having “heard” this kind of thing before, she thought that she may be going a bit crazy, perhaps from the hit to her head! However, the voices intrigued her and she listened and heeded the instruction from her new teachers. A month after her arm was healed, Diane was instructed to open a crystal business, another thing that she thought was a crazy idea. She had no knowledge of crystals and stones, very little money as she had not been able to work for a year because of her injury, no idea how she was going to find customers and no idea where she was going to find stones to sell. Remember, this was back in 1991 before the internet was available for commerce. But the “voices” instructed her on everything she was supposed to do to start and carry out her business. The caveat to starting this new career was that she was to sell the stones at reasonable prices so that more people would be able to afford them.

One thing Diane did know was that she did not want to go back into the corporate world or work in food service again. She loved the idea of helping people and combining it with energy healing. After short consideration, Diane said yes to her benevolent voices and went to work learning everything she could about stones and healing. She took all the money she had and drove to Arkansas to buy stones because that’s where they said the stones were. She brought the stones back to her house and set up a table in her spare bedroom. Free Spirit Crystals was born.

Diane spent the next four years going to as many flea markets, craft fairs and spirit fairs as she could to sell her stones and build a clientele. In 1995, she was guided to open a store and was led to her current location in Butler, Wisconsin. Although it seemed like an unlikely place to have a metaphysical crystal store (it is located in between three bars and a gun shop!), Free Spirit Crystals had found its home. Now, almost 30 years later, Free Spirit Crystals continues to thrive, providing crystals, metaphysical services and classes to a unique and growing population of people who wish to heal, teach and serve.

Diane has studied crystal healing at Katrina Raphaell’s Crystal Academy in Hawaii and with Melody’s Teacher’s School in Denver. She was one of only 35 teachers in the world to initially be accredited by Melody to teach her curriculum. She has also hosted and taken classes from world renowned Crystolgist DaEl Walker.

Diane is a 1999 graduate of The School for Enlightenment and Healing - then located in San Diego, CA - and 2003 graduate of Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing located in San Antonio, TX. She was the co-director of the Milwaukee branch of Lionheart from 2001 to August of 2007. Diane is currently the founder and co-instructorat Free Spirit School of Integrated Energy Healing in Milwaukee, WI with Rose Koremenos.

Diane taught Reiki and basics of energy healing at the Milwaukee School of Massage. She is a Reiki Master Teacher, a Light Body Graduate and a Numerologist. Diane presents workshops and lectures on healing with stones and energy healing throughout the country. She has written two books on crystals and stones – “The KISS Guide to Crystals” and “The KISS Guide to Stone Layouts”. She is now working on a book called “The KISS Guide to Crystal Healing”. Remember – Keep It Simple Spirit!

Diane is available for workshops and lectures. Contact Diane at

"I heartily endorse Diane to demonstrate and teach my techniques. She is a superior teacher, with a clear and concise method of communicating." DaEl Walker, Director, Crystal Awareness Institute.
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