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Gloria Ann Steck
Energy Practitioner, ET (Lionheart Institute)
Hypnotherapist, CH (Leidecker Institute)
Flower Essence Practitioner (Flower Essence Society)
Energy Healing • Flower Essence Therapy • Hypnosis • Destiny Cards Reading
Gloria, a natural empath and intuitive, has practiced yoga, meditation and vegetarianism since her teenage years, and attributes a life-altering spiritual awakening to these practices. Besides her certifications, Gloria has continued advanced study in the areas of nutrition at Complete Health Services, herbalogy with Dr. Christopher, numerology, astrology and Feng Shui with Pam Tolfeson. Gloria embraces a “back to nature” lifestyle, having all four of her children at home with a midwife. Gloria supports a wide variety of healing possibilities that inspire and encourage her clients to believe in their innate ability to be well.***

Services provided:

• Hypnosis provides support, motivation and improvement. No matter how unique your concern is, it can successfully be addressed by the thoughtful application of hypnosis. It is thru your focused effort that positive change occurs *Smoking Cessation *Stress/Anxiety *Weightloss *Self Esteem *Learning *Spiritual Exploration * Past Life Regression *Sleep *Health *Enhancing Creativity
$85 per session

• Energy Work- As a Facilitator I invite you to invoke your natural healing abilities. Your body and your energetic system naturally moves towards health and wellness given the space and time. This is a gentle hands on approach.
$60 per session

• Chakra Assessment- Are your Chakras harmoniously functioning? The awareness of energy flow within your chakras can help you understand where to focus your attention to improve your full energy potential!
$60 per session

• Flower Essence Therapy-This is a remarkable healing modality. The concept of psychosomatic illness demonstrates the critical role that emotions, feeling, and attitudes play in our health. Flower Essences have a profound and elegant way in which core emotional states can be transformed within the human soul.
$60 per session

• How to Meditate- Acquire the Essential Understanding/ Skills for a meditation practice that promotes a Positive Peaceful Life. Learn to relax and experience an expanded state of consciousness.
$60 per session

Appointments Available
Contact Gloria for private appointments at or text 414-839-2410
Payment is accepted via cash, check or PayPal.

***Sessions support health and wellness but are not a replacement for therapy or medical care.

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