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Kathryn Rambo
Music Therapist (Alverno College)
Holistic Sound Practitioner (Sound Accord)
Reiki Master
Adult Educator
For Individuals: Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Baths • For Groups: Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Voyage
Tibetan Singing Bowls • Metaphysics, Alchemy and Magic of Sound and Music • Kalimba Playshops • Cosmology of Angels • Women Mystics • Spiritual Centering
Kathryn Rambo has over 40 years of professional experience as a music therapist, adult educator, drum circle facilitator, meditation instructor and reiki master. Post graduate training includes humanistic psychology, expressive arts therapy, Benedictine spirituality and healing traditions of the Q’ero Indians of Peru. Kathryn received her crystal training from Diane Bloom and DaEl Walker. Kathyrn uses a combination of sound, music, crystal layouts, reiki, and meditation to assist others on their healing journey.***

Services provided:
• Individual Session Tibetan Singing Bowl

- Sound Bath for Health and Wellness helps restore your natural vibratory frequency by reducing stress and tension (Reverie Harp and tuning forks are also utilized)
*$45/45 minutes

• Group Session Tibetan Singing Bowl
- Sound Voyage for group meditative journeys helps deepen relaxation and rejuvenation (Reverie Harp and HAPI tongue drums are also utilized)
*Fees available upon request

• Tibetan Sound Bowl, Kalimba Playshop (African Thumb Piano), Metaphysics-Alchemy and Magic of Sound and Music, Cosmology of Angels, Women Mystics, Spiritual Centering
- for fees and more details, go to Classes and Events.

Appointments Available
Contact Kathyrn for private appointments and registration for classes at Payment is accepted via cash or check.

***Sessions support health and wellness but are not a replacement for therapy or medical care.

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