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Marene Martensen
Professional Psychic
Manager of Free Spirit Crystals
Tarot Readings • Reiki Crystal Healing • Astrology Chart • Numerology
Tarot I • Tarot II • Astrology I - III • Astrology IV - The Progressed Chart
Marene has studied tarot, astrology, healing and other allied sciences since the 1970's. She combines this knowledge with the tenets and experience of personal and spiritual growth to give a holistic perspective.

Marene is a Reiki Master, a Light Body graduate, has received 3 years training in mediumship and healing in the Spiritualist tradition and is well versed in the use of crystals. She offers Reiki and crystal healing sessions and is available for consultations and classes in tarot and astrology. ***

Services provided:
• Tarot Readings
– a general all-inclusive look at the path of your life in the present, with consideration of the past and future…. Plus specific attention to individual questions and issues.
$80 per hour | $40 half-hour

• Astrology Readings – interpretation of the natal (birth) chart and the progressed chart with transits and comparisons to both. This reading offers good basic character information, with emphasis on uniqueness including strengths, weaknesses and karmic life path direction… Plus past, present and future growth cycles and what affect the planets are having now and in the future.
$125 per 90 min session

• Numerology Readings – interpretation of the name and birth date, lifetime challenges and pinnacles, personal planes (mental, physical, emotional, intuitive) and year by year projection from birth to age 80. This reading also offers unique character information, occurrence and substance of growth cycles, karmic destiny… Plus past, present and future trends.
$125 per 90 min session

• Reiki & Crystal Healing – clearing, balancing, restoring, revitalizing… with special attention to specific problems and issues. This treatment helps to release old energies, remove blockages and allow the nature of your true spiritual self to be grounded and integrated physically, emotionally and mentally.
$80 per 1 hr session

• Tarot & Astrology Classes
- for fees and more details, go to Classes and Events.

Appointments Available
Monday – Friday 11-5
Saturday 10-3
Contact Marene for private appointments and registration for classes at or text 262-781-1656

Payment is accepted via cash, check, or PayPal.

***Sessions support health and wellness but are not a replacement for therapy or medical care.

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