Classes and Events
Sound Healing Sessions
With Kathryn Rambo
Calming psychological stress with Tibetan Singing Bowls:
Tuesday - August 11th @ 12:30, 1:30, 2:30 & 3:30
Fee: $40.00 for a 45 minute session

To schedule your individual session please email Kathryn: at

Masks are required to enter Free Spirit Crystals and for the sound sessions.

There are many positive psychological effects when we relieve stress and mental tension: greater access to intuition, increased energy, improved concentration, decrease in irritability and anger, decrease in mental chatter and increased feelings of well-being. Tibetan singing bowls, used for ages to facilitate meditation, also facilitate a state of deep relaxation, turning off our stress response. These sessions focus on decreasing the psychological effects of stress, especially during these challenging times. The sound sessions are grounded on the research from Dr. Herbert Benson and Harvard University and the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital and the research done by Dr. John Stuart Reid and Kathryn’s 40+ years as a clinical music therapist.

Gift certificates are available.

Classes will be held at: Free Spirit Crystals 4763 N. 124th St. Butler, WI 53007 262-790-0748

Purple Otter Studio Harmonic Attunement Cancellation Policy:

Effective Aug. 1st 2018 a full 48 hour cancellation notice is required. Please call me at 414-333-5834 to cancel your session 48 hours in advance of your appointment. This allows me to contact others who have requested to be put a cancellation list for potential opening session times. All no calls/no shows: full price of the session is due. 24 hour or less cancellation notice: ½ of the price of the session is due. Please understand and respect that there are frequently others who have requested to be put on a cancellation list for potential openings and that this is my business and livelihood.