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KISS Guide To Stone Layouts Book


Included In The KISS Guide To Stone Layouts:

  • How Layouts Work
  • Rules of Thumb for Stone Healing
  • Clearing and Cleaning Stones
  • Doing a Layout in a Healing Session
  • Astrology Layouts
  • Character Structure Layouts
  • Numerology Layouts
  • KISS Guide Explanation of Healing Stones
  • KISS Guide Explanation of Crystals
  • Over 80 Layouts in all!


My intent with the KISS Guide series of books is to Keep It Simple Spirit. I believe that using stones and crystals and doing energy healing work should be as practical and uncomplicated as possible. For these reasons, the layouts that I have devised use, for the most part, a common template and easy to find stones. All the stones used in these layouts can be found at my store, Free Spirit Crystals, or readily available at rock stores or the internet. I’ve also tried to keep them as inexpensive as possible so that more people will be able to use them. One thing that I’ve learned doing this work is that you don’t have to buy really expensive stones in order for this to be effective.

My goal for the KISS Guide method is for as many people to learn and apply this work into daily life as possible. If we are going to shift the consciousness of healing on this planet, if we wish to make change in the collective thinking, then we need to begin to do things differently. If this work becomes readily available and acceptable to the masses, then we have a much better opportunity to alter the landscape of healing on a global level.

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